Our Organisation

About The Workers’ Party of Singapore

The Workers’ Party of Singapore has been serving the electorate since 1957. We are the only opposition party that was established before the independence of Singapore which is still active today. We were in the forefront of Singapore’s struggles for independence and peace, and over the years, have worked for democracy and a vibrant civil society.

With the support of both the public and our members, we have managed to keep this struggle and vision alive. Currently we have nine members in Parliament – MP Mr. Low Thia Khiang, MP Ms. Sylvia Lim, MP Mr. Chen Show Mao, MP Mr. Pritiam Singh, MP. Mr Muhamad Faisal bin Abdul Manap, MP Mr. Png Eng Huat, MP Ms. Lee Li Lian, NCMP Mr. Gerald Giam and NCMP Mr. Yee Jenn Jong. Checks and balances are necessary in any political system, and they are especially crucial in our one-party dominant system. To this end, the presence of opposition in Parliament is fundamental in ensuring that you, the people, are heard.

Our Logo

The Workers’ Party logo consists of:

  • A yellow hammer. The hammer symbolises workers and yellow represents power of the people.
  • The hammer rests on a red background. Red signifies passion.
  • The hammer is surrounded by a yellow ring, which stands for unity of the workers of Singapore.
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