Why Support The Workers’ Party?

If you and other Singaporeans support Workers’ Party, ordinary
Singaporeans will have a greater say in the way our lives are governed.

Singapore belongs to all of us. It is our home. Political parties
exist to serve you. The Workers’ Party of Singapore wants to serve the people
and to ensure that the People’s Action Party does not forget their
responsibility to serve you.

Here is how you will benefit when you support Workers’ Party:

A. You will have a voice inside and outside Parliament

Workers’ Party puts pressure on the government to respond to your
needs and opinions. The government needs to listen to the people.
We make sure you are heard.

B. The government will be more accountable to you

Workers’ Party is an independent body that checks the government.
The government must live up to its responsibilities and promises.
We hold the government accountable to you and ensure good governance.

C. You will have the right to choose

Workers’ Party offers you the chance to vote for a good candidate
from other than the ruling party. If no one stands against the ruling
party, you lose your chance to vote and to choose your MP or government.
We offer you a choice and thereby preserve democracy for Singapore.

D. You can shape the future for yourself
and your children

Workers’ Party welcomes ideas for alternative political, economic
and social policies for Singapore. If only one party decides on
all policies that affect us, many excellent ideas may never be implemented.
We listen and offer policy alternatives for our nation’s development.

E. You will have a vibrant civil society

Workers’ Party offers you the opportunity to unite with like-minded
people to act through the constitutional process. We want to create
a positive environment in Singapore for rational discourse on issues
affecting our society.

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