Statement of Principles of Political Engagement

The Workers’ Party has been offering Singaporeans a choice at General Elections since 1957. The Party believes in Parliamentary democracy and that the People should elect their representatives.

The Workers’ Party’s participation in General Elections seeks to ensure that our office-holders do not simply walk into office without contest. Elections are an indispensable part of nation-building, as political contestation for the People’s support empowers the population to collectively decide what kind of government, Member of Parliament and policies they want.

Whenever the Workers’ Party disagrees with policies and laws of the ruling party, it highlights these during and off election periods to increase voters’ awareness and to hold the government to account. Nevertheless, despite such disagreements, the Party believes in pushing for reform, as far as possible, through the existing political processes and within the limits of the law.

The Workers’ Party thanks Singaporeans for the support and encouragement throughout the years and most recently in the 2011 General Elections. The Party will continue to work and put the interests of Singaporeans at the forefront of our political engagement.

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