Our Beliefs

Vision – A Quality Lifestyle, A Dignified Life

Singapore is at a crossroad. On one hand we are at the centre of globalization, the new economy and rapid changes, on the other hand we want to retain our values, improve the quality of our lives and ensure that the cornerstones of democracy are in place. Singapore is presently caught up in the old language of materialism as the only yardstick of success. We speak as if the continuous pursuit of a higher standard of material living will automatically provide us with the meaning of life. The Singapore of today is run by an elite group and not by the people.

Ever since the PAP took office in 1959, it has systematically promoted elitism and put in place a highly paid elite class in positions of control with very little accountability to the people. We now have a system where there can be a Singapore without the participation of most Singaporeans.

The Workers’ Party wants this to change. The answer lies in a vision where the meaning of life goes beyond materialism and elitism. The Party believes that the dignity of the individual must be upheld. Every Singaporean really matters. Every Singaporean should have the freedom and opportunity to develop their full potential. With this in mind, we will take special care to consider the needs of the disadvantaged (eg. the poor, the sick, the elderly, the disabled) and ensure that they too have a fair chance in life.

Your voice is important to us.

We will ensure a First World Parliament where the government is accountable and every citizen is allowed the free exercise of his or her right to political participation. We will act in consultation and partnership with citizens. We will actively seek and encourage participation in the decision making process through the freedom to access information. Maximum opportunity will be provided for open discussion and debate and for interested organizations to make their representations. We will match our words with deeds. We will, in particular, examine our legal system and work towards establishing practices that will safeguard the positive aspects of this system and put in place new measures to achieve those things that we do not have.

We can live in a Singapore where we can have a more dignified life. We can build a better quality lifestyle for our children and our future.

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