Workers’ Party candidate for Hougang By-election: Png Eng Huat

The Workers’ Party announced Mr Png Eng Huat as its candidate for the Hougang By-election at a press conference held at the Party HQ on 10 May 2012.


Png Eng Huat

Age: 50
Posts in WP:
• Chairman, Hougang Constituency Committee
• Member, Central Executive Committee
• Deputy Webmaster
• Member, Media Team

• Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic
• Bachelor of Science (Radio-TV-Film), University of Texas, USA


Marital Status:
Married with a daughter and a son

Eng Huat grew up in a large family on the notorious streets of Tanjong Pagar in the sixties. Although he remembers the occasional gang fights sweeping from one end of Duxton Road to the junction of Neil Road, the one thing that impacted him the most as a young boy was the experience of living in abject poverty.

Most of his siblings had to quit school early in their teens to help put food on the table. Being the youngest, he was given the chance to finish school. Like many youngsters living in one of the poorest quarters in town then, Eng Huat had only simple ambitions in life, one of which was to finish school fast, get to work, and never go to bed hungry again.

To help pay for his overseas education, Eng Huat worked as a waiter, a cook, a restaurant manager, and a postal service worker throughout his student days in the USA.

Eng Huat started his internship at KLRU-TV, a Public Service broadcasting company in Austin, Texas, doing production work on live and taped shows. On his return to Singapore, he had a rich and diverse career in multimedia designing & programming, data broadcasting, and business development. He has worked in various firms, from small joint venture companies to big companies like Philips Singapore and NTUC Income. Currently, he is semi-retired and managing some own and partnership businesses.

Eng Huat joined the Workers’ Party in 2006 and helped the party in the General Elections that year. He then joined the Hougang Constituency Committee the following year, helping to organise grassroots activities and to take care of the needy residents in Hougang.

Eng Huat participates actively in church-based and ad-hoc social and community work. He likes to gather friends and like-minded people together to help the underprivileged in Singapore, and is a firm believer in the Child Sponsorship programme.

Eng Huat believes that political diversity is one of the key building blocks of any vibrant first world country, and he hopes to do his part in giving a voice to the ‘silent’ majority in Singapore. He hopes to help build a diverse, mature, and vibrant political landscape in Singapore.

Believing in the pursuit of simple solutions to life’s complexities, Eng Huat enjoys art, music, social work and quality family time.



年龄: 50岁

• 工人党网站副站长
• 后港选区委员会主席
• 工人党中央执行委员会委员
• 工人党传媒组成员

• 新加坡理工学院电气工程文凭
• 美国奥斯汀德特萨斯州大学理学士 (电台/电视/电影技术编制)


婚姻状况: 已婚, 育有一子一女

荣发在60年代的丹戎巴葛成长,他出生在一个大家庭里。对他影响最深刻的并不是儿时所目睹的 自达士登岭一直殴斗到尼路路口的帮派火拼,而是在贫困环境里生活的经验。

荣发的兄弟姐妹都必须辍学来帮补家用。身为家中的老么,在家人的支持下,荣发才有机会完成 学业。当时,荣发就像许多生活在贫困中的孩子们一样,一心想尽快把书念完,趁早踏入社会工 作,以确保自己和家人不必再晚上饿着肚子上床。

后来,荣发到美国留学。为了能念完大学,荣发在美国留学期间当过侍应生,厨师,餐馆经理和 邮政服务员等。

荣发在大学时曾在德克萨斯州内的奥斯汀的一间公共广播公司实习,从事现场和预先录制节 目的制作。在回国的时候,荣发已累积了许多有关媒体设计,程序设计,广播和商业发展等 的经验。他的工作经验非常广泛,从中小型企业到本地及海外的跨国企业。这些公司包括职 总英康和飞利浦(新加坡)。目前,他已半退休但仍继续管理一些私人及合伙生意。

荣发在2006年加入工人党,并于该年的大选中协助党的竞选活动。他在随后加入了后港选区委员 会,帮忙举办社区活动及照顾后港区内较不幸的居民。

荣发积极参与由教会主导和有固定目标的社会工作。他喜欢网罗志同道合的朋友私下帮助面对困 境的国人; 他也是“儿童资助计划”的笃信者。

荣发相信政治上的多元性是建立一个朝气逢勃的世界级国家不可或缺的要素。他希望能够为大多 数沉默国人提供一个发言的渠道尽一份力;也希望能为促成建立一个成熟,多元化和富有朝气的 政治景观做出一点贡献。

荣发认为人可以在复杂的人生旅途中寻求解决困难的简单方案。他在闲暇时喜爱欣赏文艺和音 乐, 也热衷社会工作,同时特别珍惜与家人共聚的时光。